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Unibet - Sports Celebration

We keep on celebrating in our own way because we keep on doing work that we're proud of. After our first communication campaign for UNIBET, launched right before the FIFA World Cup 2022, the celebration continues — but this time we bring even more action to the table, since this campaign it's about BETSTREAM (a tool that you can place live bets with, while watching the game in fullscreen), UNIBOOST (a tool that boosts your winnings) and BETSHARE (a tool that you can use to share your ticket with your friends). This magic trio enables you to enjoy your best game and celebrate your victory as you feel. Here you can see the ad and discover another iconic celebration. Can you name the player that celebrates like that? (hint: right now, he wears the number 21 on his back).

Art Director
Cristina Choleva
Catalin Badila
Group Creative Director
Teodora Ionica
Account Manager
Monica Grecu