Building the new loyalty platform for IQOS was our largest digital project so far, implying a whole year of collaborative effort across all teams. The new platform focused on enhancing the user experience and engagement, incorporating a minimalist and easy-to-navigate design. Our objective was to create an interactive space where users are at the center of the experience and to achieve this, we have integrated numerous features that foster interaction – a monthly leaderboard, a dynamic activity feed and a new rewarding system.

The new IQOS Club was launched at the beginning of April under the "Real people. Real stories." campaign - a consumer-centric initiative that empowers our users to narrate the IQOS story. By placing the consumers at the core of the campaign, we aimed to establish a genuine connection and the new IQOS Club platform reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and sets the stage for a new chapter in the IQOS story, where loyal consumers take the lead in sharing their authentic moments with IQOS.